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Presentation film Ambassade du Pays de Rode à Limbourg

Borderless friendly encounters in culture and nature in the living space of the old Duchy of Limbourg, L'ancien duchée de Limbourg, today's Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

Discover the commonalities

of the people living here in a historically

but also contemporary significant region

in the heart of Europe!

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The concept of the Ambassade du Pays de Rode à Limbourg

Who is the Ambassade du Pays de Rode à Limbourg?

The Ambassade supports the interests of the Dutch organization Stichting Herzoglimburg-Pad (HLP) in the Pays de Rode, especially in the Belgian regions of the historic Duchy of Limbourg and the modern municipality of Limbourg in cultural events and activities. It is represented by acting Ambassadeur Dr. phil. Jörg Schmitz-Gielsdorf.

What are the objectives of the Ambassade du Pays de Rode à Limbourg?

It sees itself as a driving force for the revival of a culturally and historically founded friendship and unity of the Duchy of Limburg in our Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

Since when and how has the Ambassade du Pays de Rode à Limbourg been active?

The Ambassade du Pays de Rode began its work in May 2009 and since then has been committed to implementing its cultural, touristic and euregional relationship-building mission.

Who is the Ambassade du Pays de Rode à Limbourg aimed at?

To all those who are interested in the remarkable history, the wonderful natural beauty and the wonderful people of the old Pays de Rode, today's Euregio.

Why an ambassade in Limbourg?

The cultural unity and development of today's Euregio - located in a border region of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany - has its historical basis in the cultural unity of the old Duchy of Limburg. The history of the Euregio is also the history of the Duchy of Limburg. The Ambassade is therefore a means of revitalizing historical awareness and cultural similarities in our region.

Where is the Ambassade du Pays de Rode à Limbourg active?

The implementation of the idea of a friendly, cross-border meeting of people in the Duchy of Limburg includes a wide range of activities and support on the Dutch, Belgian and German sides.

The Ambassadeur

du Pays de Rode
Dr. phil. Jörg Schmitz-Gielsdorf
Dr. Jörg Schmitz-Gielsdorf

Ambassadeur since 2012

Dr. Brigitte Schoengen
Dr. Brigitte Schoengen

Head of Regional Networking

Prof. Dr. Bernd Lorscheider
Prof. Dr. Bernd Lorscheider

Head of International Networking

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Schloeder
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Schloeder

Head of Cultural and Social Eventmanagement

Mariëtte Seegers
Mariëtte Seegers

First Usher of the Embassy

Directions & Parking

Parking lot of the guest house of the Ambassade du Pays de Rode à Limbourg
  • coming from the main road from Eupen (Rue des Ecoles, N 61) - after crossing the bridge - turn left into Rue Oscar Thimus in the direction of "Ville historique Limbourg".
  • continue straight ahead uphill onto Thier de Limbourg
  • the cemetery of Limbourg is on the left
  • the castle follows on the right
  • from here the road becomes Rue Sur les Remparts
  • entrance to the parking lot 150 m further on - somewhat hidden - on the left-hand side


  • Coming from the main road Hors les Portes, there is a public parking lot on the left just before the center of Limbourg
  • follow the road and take the next left (you can already see Place Saint Georges here) onto Rue Sur les Remparts
  • The entrance to the parking lot is approx. 100 m further on - somewhat hidden - on the right-hand side




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