Memorial service in honor of the recently deceased oud-premier Dries van Agt and his wife Eugenie and oud-wethouder Wiel Weijers

Orpheo concert with Professor Tang Jin

Today it was time to say goodbye to three friends, former Prime Minister Dries van Agt and his wife Eugenie, as well as Simpelfeld alderman Wiel Weijers. In the presence of family members, Werner Janssen gave a moving farewell speech. Accompanied by the piano playing of Florian Koltun, he paid tribute to the deceased and expressed the sense of loss felt not only by him but by many of those present. Ambassador Jörg Schmitz-Giesldorf also recited a text, which was given to those present in the form of a memorial card with a picture of friendship (see below: memorial card as PDF).

Following the commemoration, the audience was treated to a magnificent, rousing concert dedicated to the exchange between European and Chinese culture under the expert and inspiring moderation of Florian Koltun. The pianist Tang Jin, professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, alternated between Bach and Chinese compositions.

The audience got to know Chinese culture from a completely different perspective, with the introductory and accompanying words of presenter Florian Koltun explaining the respective compositions. A completely new and extremely helpful form of musical performance that also deepened the experience! The pianist's captivating playing and the depth and colorfulness of the compositions led the audience to a standing ovation! What an afternoon! With a full hall, the audience experienced one highlight after another! Also, the gracious presentation of Tang Jin, who also sang a song to introduce the audience to the composition, opened all doors for the friendly encounter and getting to know each other in it. After the depth of the friendly farewell encounter, those present were carried away to the heights of the music that connected the touched souls. We are already looking forward to the next Orpheo concert, which will be performed in a similar way under the moderation of Florian Koltun and pianist Linlin He.

When Werner Janssen explains the word "euriade" as "the way to the other", this concert series is particularly suitable for understanding and learning to love this way to the other.

Opening of the memorial service by Werner Janssen

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Poetry recital by Ambassadeur Jörg Schmitz-Gielsdorf

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Poem by Werner Janssen with musical accompaniment by Florian Koltun

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Piano concerto by Tang Jin - Bach meets China

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