FSUN meets euriade hosted by Ambassade du Pays de Rode à Limbourg

Internationalization of "Youth in Dialogue".

For over 45 years, Prof. Prof. hc. Dr. Dr. Werner Janssen has directed the "Youth in Dialogue" festival. In 2015, he and the Euriade, which he founded, were awarded the European Citizens' Prize for the cultural significance of this festival for Europe, in the presence of the recently deceased former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Dries van Agt. Now the story of this festival of intercultural encounters has reached New York and the United Nations headquarters located there. Janet C. Salazar, Permanent Advisor to the UN and CEO of FSUN, is herself constantly involved in implementing human rights and improving the living conditions of people worldwide through her projects within the UN. She sees Werner Janssen's initiative as an exemplary project that contributes to peace and cultural exchange. The young people from different nations who meet at the festival learn the art of dialog. During their stay at Rolduc Abbey (NL), they develop a personal attitude that places humanity in the foreground, so that individual origins and the nationality associated with them fade into the background. This is precisely what also moves Janet C. Salazar in principle. That is why the first meeting between the FSUN (Foundation for the Support of the United Nations) and the Euriade was to take place. The Ambassade had the honourable task of organizing this meeting and helping to shape it. Janet C. Salazar is interested in having the "Youth in Dialogue" format take place not only in the Netherlands, but also in other parts of the world. Appropriate possibilities should be explored for this. Internationalization of Youth in Dialogue! What a fantastic development perspective!